The house name, four generations old.
The story begins with our ancestor Ulrich Vodopivec of the lineage of Nančni. His name was changed to Enrico by the Italian authorities and was then given a nickname Riko. He owned only a house, a piece of garden and some poor land. He made a pleasant home to his family by his industrious hands. Since then, the house has been called at Rikotavi’s. His daughter Marija knew the wealth of industrious and fair hands from her father. She married a capable man who led the homestead, which was entrusted to him, wisely. The grandpa Silvo was a man who marked his children and Riko’s kin. A great estate with the outbuildings was taken over by his firstborn Rafael who looks back satisfied today. What he took over, he enriched and passed it forward. Today the homestead is managed by the youngest of his children Gregor who raised a family here.


Rikotavis cultivate five ‘brégs’
We have more than 17 acres of vineyards or ‘bregs’ as we call them. We try to cultivate vineyards as naturally as possible. There is no other way as we love our land and would like to preserve its fertility for all those who will take care of it when we are gone. We work with the machines and manually. We pick grapes only manually into the boxes.


Winemaking is a family tradition.
Our first bottling was performed in autumn 1990 when our wine bottles were first adorned by labels with the Rikot trademark. It is our peculiarity that we cultivate a lot of different sorts of wine. When the harvest is good, you can taste as much as fifteen sorts of wine. Our wines are cultivated in a modernly equipped cellar according to traditional procedures, which are supplemented by newer directives of production by our young master.

Juice and Vinegar

In addition to wine, we also produce grape juice and vinegar.
Grape juice is an excellent natural beverage, as it contains no preservatives and no added
sugars. We produce it from white grapes of the Rebula sort, which gives freshness to the
juice, Malvasia, which forms its body, and Yellow Muscat, which completes the juice by its
aroma as a beverage of an excellent smell and taste.

Vinegar is produced according to the traditional standing procedure. It has enriched aroma
due to adding herbs in the time of lengthy maturing.
Our boutique edition of vinegar bottles includes the three specialties: vinegar with the
addition of garlic, aged vinegar, and spicy vinegar.


The door of our cellar is always open.
You are invited to visit us to meet us, our land, and our work. You can walk through our vineyards, join us at work or limit your visit to our cellar only. The door of our cellar is always open for wine tasting and a chat in a friendly circle, or a business meeting.


Coming soon
Soon you will be able to shop in our web store. All our wines, vinegars and other will be available for you to be delivered at your home with a simple click.


We will be pleased to have a chat with you!

Rikotova kmetija
Zalošče 15a
5294 Dornberk

Gregor Baša
+386 31 458 856